A.  Ormus has been the subject of much research and study, and thousands of pages on the internet are devoted to theories, explanations, and discussions about what it is and how it works.

Ormus (Orbitally-Rearranged-Metal-Under-Study) is a recently discovered type of matter in the monatomic high-spin state, or more accurately a Cooper-pair (explained below), which is a state between pure matter and pure energy. These ormus elements are thought to be responsible for superconducting properties of living organisms.

After a decade of research and development in gold alchemy, we have developed a premium monatomic gold product and synergists for health and beauty.

A.  Although there are a 11+ metals that will effect a monatomic state, Ormus Gold is one that has proven itself to be the most beneficial for general physical healing by a vast folklore and history as a superior healing agent and panacea. And it is the only one of the elements that is completely non-toxic in its pure form. Both gold and silica are completely non-toxic. USFDA and WHO/FAO consider gold as a safe food additives and skin care supplement.

A.  The ormus elements differ in a fundamental way from their “ordinary” metallic counterparts. In a sense they can be considered to be parallel to the metallic elements on the periodic table. What differentiates this form of matter from “ordinary” matter is that the ormus elements seem to be in a high spin state. This means that the atoms are spinning more rapidly than ordinary atoms. This high spin pulls the electron cloud in toward the nucleus of the atom, sort of like an ice skater pulling her arms in to increase the rate of her spin.

In theory, as these electrons get closer to the nucleus they pair up into what is called “Cooper-pairs” of electrons. (The Cooper-pairing phenomenon is named after one of the gentlemen who received a Nobel prize for its discovery.) These electrons, when they are Cooper paired, are no longer available for ordinary shared electron bonding between different elements. This means that they can no longer form ordinary chemical compounds, instead they form a matrix of sub-nano particles whose full potential in health and medicine is only now coming to light.

A.  Gold is considered inert and the safest element one can put in their bodies.  It is approved as a food additive by the F.D.A. and World Health Organization. 

A.  Ormus Gold is made in a laboratory by a unique proprietary process created and standardized through research, development, and testing that started in 2000. Ormus percentage is verified and tested through a rigorous gold reclaim process, thereby ensuring consistency and quality of product.Unlike other so-called ormus gold products that are made from sea water, we make ours from 24K 99.99% gold which we refine to 99.999% of purity to ensure no other elements are present in our ormus, only silica, gold, and our proprietary de-ionized structured water. We are the only lab that make an ormus that is quantified for exact percentage of monatomic gold in solution.  We standardize our ormus gold to 1.5% (by weight of total dissolved solids). 

A.  Until recently silica was not thought to be a critical metabolite, only a structural component used in joints, bones, connective tissue, hair and some organs. It is now known that silica is used in the body as an intermediary to protein production and assimilation. 1993, Nobel prize Winner Professor Adolf Butenandt, proved Silica an essential mineral to sustain life. We believe the Silica in Ormus Gold to be bio-available and beneficial for health.

As we age, the source of silica in our bodies becomes exhausted, resulting in all kinds of problems. Silica has been regarded as nature’s building block and is our answer to healthier, younger looking, more radiant skin, hair and nails. It is a universal element in the human body that can be found free and soluble in water or combined with proteins and lipids, and has an exact relationship to mineral absorption.

Its most important purpose is of immune nature, because the Silica partakes in the manufacturing process of antibodies/antigens and it encourages the conversion of LB (Lymphocyte B) into LT (Lymphocyte T). Carlisle (1974) Loeper et al., (1978) also showed presence of Silica in bone forming cells called “osteoblasts” and in collagen. The typical human body holds roughly seven grams of silica, a quantity far exceeding the numbers for other key minerals. Silica is essential to the metabolic processes that are vital to life.

A.  Our studies have shown that a little over a long period of time is far better than a lot at once. If you are familiar with Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing, you will be able to determine the right dose for yourself. Otherwise, people have reported good results with a half dropper to full dropper under the tongue once to twice per day, or whenever you need a boost of life force and mental clarity.  Do not mix with anything. Take alone.

We caution people with silver mercury fillings to only take it externally, as gold amalgamates mercury and studies have shown that it chelates it out of the system, so to take it with mercury fillings still in place would be counterproductive.  If you do take it with silver-mercury amalgams drip it directly onto the back of the throat to bypass contact with  fillings.

A.  It is important that your face hands and skin are freshly washed and free of dirt and oil, which act as a barrier against the ormus’ absorption. If there appears to be a white dry powder that remains on your skin, that is silica that did not absorb. Normally, some silica will absorb and some will stay behind. When it dries, it indicates the Ormus Gold has been absorbed into your skin. Just wipe or wash it off.

Squeeze a full dropper in your cupped hand and rub onto face or massage into body. For specific areas of concern, apply carefully by the drop, and let it dry and absorb. It is best to repeat this process twice at one time for targeted areas, and then when it dries and a silica film remains upon the second application, wipe or wash it off.

A.  Store away from sources of EMF and radiation; this includes direct sunlight and X-rays. Ormus Gold is a high vibration product that exists best in a zero energy state. When intense energy is introduced, the ormus will begin to re-cluster into larger particles of gold which can turn the contents of the bottle a deep purple color.

ATTENTION: Ormus Gold can Stain!

Due to the high percentage of gold in our products they can permanently stain porous surfaces and fabric. Ormus Gold may look clear when spilled on clothes or surfaces, but upon drying they will turn to a nice shade of purple. If you do spill Ormus Gold on your clothes, wash the area before it dries with plenty of water. Do not use soap, as the alkalinity will convert and set the gold forever. In fact, there are a few companies that now use gold colloids for dyeing wool and silk.