As a modern day alchemist, long in research, practice, and still refining, I have been taking our aurum potabile (edible gold), a.k.a ormus gold for over ten years and can positively say that it has initiated me into a mental acuity, a physical prowess, and an energetic equanimity that I rarely see in others. Legend and lore talk about this alchemical gold reserved only for a select few, but I can say here it is for everyone. You can read my book to learn more about the healing effects of alchemical gold.

We’re all beatific beings having a human experience, and as we move into a new yuga (earth cycle), this age of technology, we have to rapidly evolve in consciousness and spiritual maturity to match our material innovativeness. We are at a time where we either face distinction for our edification, or extinction for having failed our education.

What we have achieved with Ormus Gold is written about in the alchemical texts from antiquity on. Gold can not be broken down by the body, yet is of great benefit when it is reduced into its most basic atomic form. Advanced cultures knew of this for thousands of years and so worked and achieved the goal of creating a gold elixir. The final product that took the alchemists of old over a year to accomplish we can now do in a matter of weeks and in much larger quantities and verified yields. It’s not that we are better; we are simply standing on the shoulders of giants. Ultra pure water, precision scales and lab gear, better starting materials, and a chemical knowledge of exact mole ratios is something the alchemists of old never had, and we do.

Whereas perhaps the true Philosopher’s Stone was a highly concentrated pure gold ormus, we have standardized our Ormus Gold to 1.5% which makes it very effective and practical for every day health for all people, as well as animals and plants.

In humility and gratitude we endeavor to continue to learn and perfect our knowledge and understanding.



I will be working in 2018 to post high-resolution scans of the following and a few other rare historic Alchemical works:

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